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Activities OfferedParagliding
Experience LevelsNo Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Teacher
Ages10 years old and up
Instruction TypesPrivate Instruction, Small Group Classes, Medium Group Class, Large Group Classes

About Eagle Paragliding

The benchmark of an excellent teacher is an excellent student.

Eagle Paragliding has been training new and current paragliding students since 1997. Eagle Paragliding is recognized as the student and current pilots best choice for all levels of paragliding training in the United States, and tours all over the world. Paragliding Articles about the Eagle training program have appeared in The New York Times, the cover of The Santa Barbara Independent, and many other periodicals and film productions.

Their reputation as an industry leader stems from the unmatched service provided to their clients. Eagle Paragliding founder Rob Sporrer was honored with the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Instructor of the Year Award, and was the protege of American paragliding icon Dixon White. Eagle has recruited top pilots and Instructors from around the world to build a team of professionals dedicated to creating an extra ordinary learning environment.

Eagle is also an importer of premium Paragliding Equipment and Products. Eagle imports former paragliding world champion UP, in addition to the Niviuk, Airdesign and Woody Valley brands. They supply dealers, customers, and students with the biggest selection of paragliding products in the United States.

This is an absolutely incredible sport!

Paragliding is initially so simple that most new students fly within their first class. This is a sport where you get to have fun right away and then continue with a relatively quick learning curve. Within just a few days you might be soaring for hours. Your arms seem like wings as they control the paraglider above you; your flying position is as comfortable as a recliner. The thrill is unlike anything ever before experienced. For most of us the sport is the ultimate!

There are many different levels paragliding can be pursued. There are those who enjoy simple top of the hill to bottom of the hill sled rides. Some enjoy soaring in smooth ridge lift. There are those who want to gain thousands of feet of altitude and fly long distances. (The current world record is 502 Kilometers (312 miles). This is a sport of progressions that can fulfill years of learning - it is truly a life long sport/ZEN. Paragliding harbors the unique quality of being all at once the most simple, yet most complicated thing you may ever experience.

Regardless of each student's goals in paragliding, Eagle Paragliding has great facilities with top-notch instructors and state-of-the-art training equipment. Our Paragliding Training Hill is perfect with gentle unobstructed slopes, and a road to the top. You will appreciate the concern for safety and the focus on developing paragliding fundamentals that will help provide you with a more secure future in the sport. We will guide you in beginning to thermal, and eventually start cross-country flying. We love to teach people flying and it shows. Not all instruction is equal. Although paragliding isn't for everyone, it is certainly possible for almost anyone with basic athletic ability to quickly enjoy flight at our magnificent training facility.

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