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What is LearnLocal's Mission?

At LearnLocal our mission is to provide all the Inspiration and Information you need to experience a wide variety of activities. 

If you are interested in learning something new, you'll find editorial to help you get started along with great instructors, schools and classes that make learning fun.  You may not require a class or instructor to experience every activity but you may require some information, equipment rentals or businesses that can facilitate the experience.  We can help with that too!  We want more people learning to Paint, Photograph, Skate, Ski and Sing.  More people Wine Tasting, Hiking and Horseback Riding.  The world gets just a little bit more interesting - one experience or lesson at a time!

When did you launch?

LearnLocal launched with limited functionality in June 2013.  We are currently in Beta and will be rolling out features daily!

Is LearnLocal for individual instructors or schools?

LearnLocal connects those looking to learn or experience something with instructors, schools and businesses that can meet their needs.  We provide tools for individual instructors, schools and businesses.  We can help connect a person with a business that rents surf boards, help connect the person with a private instructor familiar with a particular beach or help an individual find a surf school that teaches group lessons.

What does LearnLocal do for instructors and schools?

Our Mission is to provide all the Inspiration and Information an individual needs to learn something new or experience something they already know.  Instructors, schools and businesses are an important part of our mission.  We want to Inspire more people to try Yoga, Computer Programming, Skiing, Surfing and more.  If you have the ability to help our members learn and experience things, LearnLocal can help you load up your schedules, fill your classes and maximize your sales.  We help you market your services and manage clients by providing seamless online scheduling, payment processing, messaging, social networking and other powerful tools. It enables you to build a profile, upload photos, video and instructional editorials geared toward introducing your services to our ever-growing community.

I'm interested in learning something. What can LearnLocal do for me?

If you're not sure what you want to learn or experience, we can help you discover some things that might interest you.  If you already know what you want to learn or experience, we can help you find great instructors, fun classes and companies that can either sell or rent you the gear you need to get started.  We can also provide you with information designed to remove any barriers to getting started.  Have a Paragliding question?  Visit our Paragliding Community where in addition to instructors and classes you'll find editorial, how tos and access to other community members that can answer your questions.  Another good place to start learning a little about us is the our tour page.  We can also help you connect with your friends and make new ones!

I have more than one account. What do I do? How did it happen?

There is no process where YOU can merge two accounts but we do have that capability. If you find that you have multiple accounts just email us at info@learnlocal.com and we can merge the accounts.  Each email address can have only one account.  Most often duplicate accounts happen by accident.  You sign up with one email account and then one day log in with your Facebook account.  If your Facebook account has a different email address than the one you signed up with you end up being forced to create a new account.

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