Hawaiian freediver, spearfisher, painter, and Patagonia ambassador, Kimi Werner, trusted her instincts when approached by a great white shark off the coast of Mexico.

Posted By Addison Proctor
on May 14, 2013 @ 3:54 PM

Most people would swim in the opposite direction when approached by a giant great white shark, but not Kimi Werner, who trusted her instints and dove down to greet the predator.

“To my surprise, I let out a squeal and starting swimming towards her. All of my years spent hunting [spearfishing] taught me how to read a fish’s body language. The way that she was moving, the way that the fins were out, all of it just showed me that she wasn’t looking at me as prey.”

Lucky for her, those instincts were spot-on.

Video courtesy of aVariablesProduction on YouTube

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